Thursday, October 10, 2013

7th Grade Inspired by Keith Haring

7th Grade Artists Inspired by
Keith Haring is an artist who is famous for using simplified, line based artwork. Haring created work that often addressed social causes and worked for years painting his bold, strikingly identifiable images where all could see. A social cause is a practice or event that can potentially be changed. Symbolism is the practice of using one image to represent or symbolize an idea. Keith had many symbols in his art from the “radiating baby” to dolphins, wolf dogs, and space ships, but each had their own meaning to him and would often show up in many of his different art works and murals all over the world. See student work below, very powerful stuff! My students continue to impress me!
Ohio Academic Content Standards for ART:
PERCEIVING/KNOWING (3PE):  Identify sources of visual culture in society and the media & discuss how messages they convey affect personal choices.
PRODUCING/PERFORMING (6PE): Connect various art forms to their social, cultural or political purposes and include regional examples.

RESPONDING/ REFLECTING (1 RE): Speculate about an artist’s intentions and message in a work using relevant references to the work.

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