Thursday, February 27, 2014

Honoring Lady Liberty

5th grade artists explored the grandeur of the Statue of Liberty, an emblem of peace and freedom in America. Mrs. Susa’s art classes revisited the history of the statue by visiting an virtual tour, and webcams discovering the many years it took to create the statue and why the copper she is made of has turned into the shade of green she is today. We learned that the copper has had a natural reaction to weathering over the last two hundred years. This weathering process created what is called a patina over the entire surface of Liberty. Did you know that Liberty is only as thick as two pennies placed face to face? 
Lady Liberty is a sculpture so we visually examined a few tools they used in creating her. We also observed her from many unique perspectives which helped us in designing our own compositions. Students were encouraged to utilize artist tools such as cropping and enlarging during the creation process. To finish the background we included another American symbol of freedom, the flag. We learned how to shade and highlight it to make it look as those it is flowing in the wind.

Our music teacher, Mrs. Deckerd asked if we could display these artworks during their Veteran's Day musical in February. We were honored to share not only our super talented musically inclined students' achievements, but also our artistically inclined students got to share their work with the community of veterans during the show. 
A few of our Boy Scouts...

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