Friday, September 13, 2013

ART Fills You Up Cups 2nd Grade

Hartville Elementary 2nd Grade Artists Review and Explore Color Theory

Little artists began the year in art class by reviewing color theory. I reviewed the color wheel, color blending of primary and secondary colors and creating a “tint” (when you add white to a color it can get lighter and lighter.)Then I introduced the theme of “Art Fills You Up!” (I borrowed this adorable idea from a fellow blogger @ BIG THANKS!!)asked the students what they thought this quote might mean...
 A few of the student responses were:
I think it means that I can put a lot of art in a cup.” 
It means decorate your cup with art?” and
I think it sounds like that song red solo cup.”

Students really did a wonderful job practicing their drawing skills the first week, then paintings skills to practice color blending and tints. Artists created these artworks based on their imagination and observation of familiar objects and scenes from their daily experiences and the environment. 

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