Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5th Grade Oil Pastel Horses

5th Grade artists have been studying the horse as an object of muse in various cultures and time periods. Students examined the horse as an artistic subject matter from simple line drawings on cave walls, as means of transportation and utility in the settling of the west, as objects of entertainment in track racing, and objects of adoration in humans throughout the ages. Students explored different approaches to creating art through examination of realism, contemporary abstractions, and historical documentation.Here are many samples of my 5th graders' extraordinary work!
By: Anna S.
By: Austin M.
By: Brody H.
By: Kali A.
By: Hannah V.
By: Emily S.
By: Cameron M.
By: Brooklynne I.
By: Megan L.
By: Lis B.
By: Maddie M.
By: Michael S.
By: Jacob L.

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