Thursday, December 19, 2013

7th Grade ART- Painting with Oil Pastels

Hiding Amidst the Reeds
Maria B. Davis 2006

Was searching through Pinterest, of course, and came upon this delightful piece of art by Maria B. Davis. I loved it so much, and thought it was a wonderful segue into our value study with color. So,  I used it as our inspiration...  

After great examination of the Elements of Art: line, color theory, value, and form, students created a unique abstract artwork consisting of loopy, curvy, organic lines that extend off the page, repeat, overlap and interact with each other in the composition. Students incorporated value gradations, tints and shades while utilizing specific, correct color families. Students focused on extreme craftsmanship (neatness) so as not to “muddy up” any of the colors in the composition. Project was completed using tints and shades, and compliments in oil pastel with bold, black outlining.

Ohio Academic Content Standards for 7th Grade ART:
PRODUCING/PERFORMING (2PR): Manipulate art materials and tools in conventional and unconventional ways to create a work of art.
PRODUCING/PERFORMING (3PR): Represent depth and volume in a two-dimensional work of art.