Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2nd Grade Aboriginal Art & Culture

Aboriginal Art & Culture
Little 2nd Grade artists studied the continent and culture of Australia. Students discovered that an indigenous animal is one found only in specific habitats around the world. Students defined an aborigine as a person who lives in the Australian “Outback.” While exploring Australian art, students examined a range of painting methods and techniques used by the Aboriginal artists. Bark painting,
x-ray style and the use of many colored dots are a few we observed during art class.

We used brown butcher paper to mimic the color and idea of tree bark as a painting surface and we chose an animal indigenous to Australia to paint, like the Kangaroo, Platypus, and/or Dingo. The final technique we were excited to utilize was painting with dots! The dots added color and highlights that bring our paintings an exclusive look.  We also learned that a didgeridoo is a musical instrument that makes many unique melodies. We appreciated its distinct sounds while we painted during art class. This project took a really long time, in fact, 7-9 weeks! Our class sizes are larger and our time periods are shorter so everything we do seems to take forever. They're doing an outstanding job and I cannot wait to display them.
Isabella displaying her Koala Bears Painting

Molly works diligently to complete the many dots in her pathways...

Nathan went to the floor to work in his own space while completing his bright dots...

Teddy is finishing up his symbols he chose to incorporate in his design...

Jordan finishing up her dots on her animal outline...

(Keep SCROLLING, the awesomeness is at the bottom!!)
New OHIO Art Content Standards covered in this lesson:
Perceiving /Knowing in Art:

(1PE) The student can point out and respond artistically to expressive features by identifying, describing and incorporating cultural symbols and images in Australian art.
          Producing/ Performing in Art:

(5PR) The student identified, selected and used art elements and principles of design to produce a variety of visual effects in their Australian inspired art. (e.g., repeating patterns, color theory, tints, and composition).

I am always amazed at what these little ones can do...just takes a long time (in this case, the entire 9 weeks!) but it is always well worth it.
Artist: Dakota W.

Artist: Andrew G.

Artist: Andrew P.

Artist: Gracie R.

Artist: Bryce T.

Artist: Callie G.

Artist: Madison T.

Artist: Emily L.

Artist: Caleb C.

Artist: Alex B.

Artist: Sydney L.

Artist; Brooke G.

Artist: Madison D.

Artist: Nathan G.

Artist: Katelyn P.

Artist: Ellie B.


  1. These finished pieces are amazing! Elizabeth :)

  2. As an Australian these are great examples! If you run this again next time a useful suggestion would be to use the colours of the bush, ocher, browns, reds, black, yellow, white for a more authentic look.