Thursday, May 10, 2012

4th Grade Pop Art Style Portraits

Fourth grade artists explored the colorful cartoony world of Pop Art through exploration of Pop Art painter Roy Lichtenstein. Students used his same techniques of primary colors, comic book subject matter, text, thick black outlines, and BEN DAY DOTS to create an eye catching comic book style self-portrait!
The students created a two-dimensional work that demonstrates awareness of space and composition by filling the page with their self-portrait and text bubble.
Students identified relationships between selected art elements and principles by using only the PRIMARY colors and a PATTERNED background. Through this project students provided an example and an understanding of different types of artists and their role in everyday life through creating a comic book/cartoon style self-portrait with text.
Students used art principles of proportion and balance to create visual effects of realism through accurate facial proportions. 

These three are on display behind frames in our Elementary office so there is a bit of a glare...

Before we started this project, I had students first create a "Quality Tool" which impacts the process and production by allowing students to become an integral part of their own learning process. The quality tool did initiate students to improve their own work...

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  1. Awesome, what did you use as a quality tool, I would like to try this with my 6th graders