Friday, August 19, 2016

Prepping for Crazy Construction Zones this Year!!

Hello friends!! School is starting whether we are ready or not. Welcome back! This year will be challenging for sure, but we are all excited to be ALL IN!! They will be breaking ground right outside our art class room doors within the next three weeks. This will be very distracting as new students and parents try to learn their way around all the new fencing and entrances, etc. We are here for you, we will get through these growing pains.

In art class I will still be promoting high standards for learning, even in this crazy construction environment. We will try our best to use what's happening at Lake Local in some of our lessons this year in art class.

I will be posting tons of photos from our end of the year last year over on instagram and a few here on the blog. Please note: instagram will be more active again and I encourage all students who have an instagram account to send a follow request. This is where they will see spotlights on their artwork, some in progress, some finished for display. Other activities will also be posted as we head through the school year. Keep stopping back to see what's happening!

I am requiring all students to have their OWN art shirt this year. This will be required for students Kindergarten through fifth. It has worked out so much better for each student to have their own, saving space and time for us here in the art room. Thanks for all of your support at home with this!!

Kindergarten parents: I wanted to make a special note to all of you. Your child will see me for art for fifty minutes once a week. They will not bring an artwork home every single week. We work on developing the building blocks of the elements of art and principles of design for the whole year. Once students have mastered those concepts, projects will become much more involved and take more than one to two weeks to complete, some will take up to a month. Everything is worth the wait!! When artwork comes home, please be sure to put the artwork in a safe place so that you and your child can look back over what they have learned throughout the year. A nice plastic tub, or large art portfolio will be great for them to compile their work. At the end of the year, you can have your child pick the three best works and keep those. This is a nice way to promote self esteem by encouraging them to evaluate and decipher their best work from least best.

K-3 parents- watch for a note home from the art teacher within the next couple weeks!!

Looking forward to this year!! Full speed ahead!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


LMS students were introduced to ancient Egypt through a spectacular, larger than life, photographic art exhibit. All middle school students and staff have been enjoying the spectacular five piece exhibit this week, February 22nd-26th.  

The two-dimensional exhibit features large, photographic panels that consist of tomb treasures, the rules of figure drawing, symbols, and the defining Kingdoms as well as some student art inspired by Egyptian content.
Art Specialists, Mrs. Susa, Mrs. Boxler, along with classroom social studies teachers, recently began their exciting journey into the study of Ancient Egypt. Sixth grade students are exploring social structures, religions, technologies, agricultural practices, and the cultural traditions of this early civilization for the month of February. 
During art classes students will compare and contrast visual art forms of expression found throughout the Egyptian tombs by exploring the Great pyramids, discovering the visual language of Hieroglyphics and discussing how aspects of culture influence ritual and social artworks. The goal of bringing in this exhibit is to support and enhance student learning while connecting knowledge from both subject areas using ART as a catalyst! 
We welcome community members to explore the exhibit TONIGHT after school from 3pm to 5:30 pm, just enter door number seven. Check your social media for more upcoming information and events. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


Hello students and parents,
We are requesting that ALL students bring in their OWN over-sized paint shirts for use in the art room. 

This is now a requirement for all students in grades K-5

Please send an old over-sized t-shirt with your child to school. They will keep the art shirts in their own lockers (or cubby) and wear to art on their art day. 

Sincerest thank you, in advance, for your support
~Mrs. Susa