Thursday, October 10, 2013


Mixed Media~ Fantastic Felines  
Students were fascinated by the bright, whimsical paintings of artist, Laurel Burch. A self-taught artist and business woman, she became famous for her art and design in the 1970’s when she started creating metal jewelry on the back of an old frying pan and selling it on the streets of San Francisco. Later, Laurel Burch started to paint horses, tropical birds, and fantastic felines, all of which students and people everywhere have come to admire most. Students were also quite inspired by this artist when they learned she suffered from a rare bone disease that often left her hospitalized for months at a time. She never abandoned her art and worked through her pain. She wanted the world to feel the joy, and happiness her paintings conveyed. 
See the beauty of her legacy below in my students' work...

Perceiving/Knowing (2PE) The student demonstrates skill in identifying relationships between and among selected elements and principles of art and design (ie., color, line, texture, space)
Perceiving/ Knowing (4PE): The student recognizes Laurel Burch as an artist who contributed to the cultural heritage of the people of the United States.
Producing/Performing (5PR): The student shows an increasing attention to the nuances of elements/ principles of design when creating personal works of art (ie., symmetry, repetition, and pattern)
Craftsmanship: The student successfully painted and applied oil pastel patterns, then outlined, cut and pasted neatly and completely with utmost attention to details.

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