Monday, September 2, 2013

WELCOME BACK! Lets get this ARTY started!

Welcome back art students! We have our art room back together, and the first two weeks are under our belt, so... 
Lets get this pARTy started!
During the introduction to art classes I shared with students that I helped to plan, create, and paint a mural in Akron, Ohio. I showed pics from this blog where I had posted the event back in June. I loved that the very next week one of my students came back to art class with a photo of himself in front of the mural I told them about!! I had to share...this is a kiddo after my own heart and I love that he wanted to share this with me. I posted his pic in the art room too. THANKS TOMMY!!

I am looking forward to much more planning, inspiring, and creating with all of my students...I am teaching at the middle school again (7th) and so I was unavailable to teach KDG and 1st with the way the schedule worked out.

2nd Grade will begin with "ART Fills You Up" cup paintings. This lesson is a quick review of the color wheel and tints. They will move onto Art and Culture next.
3rd Grade will begin with a very inspiring artist, Laurel Burch and her fabulous use of colors! This lesson will review color blending and overlapping with florescent paints and oil pastels pattern and designs.
4th Grade began with "collage selfies" on the front covers of their visual journals.
5th Grade began with a review of proportion and creating a pencil "selfie" on the cover of the cover of their visual journals.

7th Grade began their Visual Journal Study. They had a drawing challenge for the front cover of their journal. They had 30 minutes to create a WANTED POSTER design (student did self-portrait in pencil while also planning what they were wanted for!) They also painted a color wheel inside their journal to refer to this 6 weeks. They incorporated a study of tints, shades, neutrals, and skin tones. They are currently exploring tips and rules for creating a successful v/s an unsuccessful visual journal.

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  1. Thank you for letting me know of the success with the mugs! What a compliment :) I love the tagline you put along with it - "art fills you up." I'll definitely be putting that to use myself. So darn cute!