Monday, June 24, 2013

Mrs. Susa Enjoys Summer 2013 Arts Lift Program through the University of Akron

PHOTO By: Dan Coffield 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

Happy Summer to my students, friends and family. This summer I became involved with a unique summer class opportunity that has proved to be an awesome experience! I wanted to share this public arts program with my students so they could see the end result of many artists working together as a team.
The University of Akron has an on-going arts program for students in the Akron Public Schools. Every year students apply to take part in the program. Once the students meet the criteria, the class takes off and sets goals to create some fantastic community art.
I took part in the program as a practicing art specialist and over the period of two weeks I really enjoyed getting to know the students from other schools and seeing the hard work and year long dedication it takes to put something like this into a community. Twelve highschool students and six graduate students from UA participated. In addition, we worked closely with an artist from the community, Jesse Strother. Jesse is co-owner of the Good Life Tattoo Shop in Highland Square and the wonderfully generous owners of Angel Falls Coffee Shop, Jim and Rapheal. We wish to thank these gentleman for their support, their love of the Arts, and their openess to the entire project on the side of their building.
The community arts project is the mural that was completed on June 21, 2013 on the exterior wall of Angel Falls Coffee Shop in Highland Square, Akron. While Jesse Strother came up with the overall intention and design for the mural, the students worked to create specific sections for each grid within the mural. The mural has become the talk of the town with its amazing aesthetic and genuine subject matter.
PHOTO By: Dan Coffield 2013 (All Rights Reserved)

This was a totally rad experience being involved in something of this grand nature. Not only does the the mural bring a much needed facelift to the building, it has also become a top spot for photo opportunites for many of the community members and visitors! You can read more about the nature of this community art project at the Akron Area Arts Alliance. The dedication of the mural is this Friday, June 28th, from 6-8 pm in Highland Square outside of the coffee shop. There will be food, coffee, a ton of fun and fellowship as we celebrate the completion of this awesome project!
To read more about this program you can go to University of Akron's ArtsLift Facebook Fan Page, or contact Elisa Gargarella at Myers School Of Art for more info.

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