Monday, February 11, 2013

Special Speaker Presents Mozambique, Africa to 5th Grade Wednesday Class

This whole year in art has been dedicated to learning more about cultures beyond our little town of Hartville~ ART BEYOND BORDERS. We have been fortunate enough to have had several volunteers come into the classrooms and give presentations either on their own culture, or on a culture that they were able to study in some depth somewhere throughout their lives. This could be studying abroad, being an exchange student, doing mission trips, or teaching oversees. Whatever the case, our volunteers have been amazing with our students and we cannot thank them enough!! I am very behind on posting all the volunteer pics but look forward to sharing all of them. Tomorrow we will have another presentation and our speaker, Mrs. Evelyn Morgan (Aunt of 5th grader, Kaitlyn Morgan) will share her experience as a teacher in the Phillipines.

Last week we started the second round of volunteers and our speaker presented what she had learned about the culture of Africa when she did a mission trip several years back to Mozambique. Mrs. Fuller is a parent of three students in the district, Claire, Chloe, and Jack and she spent eleven days on this trip away from her children. She brought her experience to share with our 5th grade art class, however, she had previously shared her trip with other students in 5th and 7th grade this year. Students were awed by her large photographs of the people of Mozambique, but even more intrigued by her emotional expressions and what she had to say about her experience. Here are several photos of her with the class. You can also see the entire presentation on LAKE TV!

The photos below were taken on Mrs. Fuller's mission trip. She uses the photos to help students see how unique the daily lives are and how vastly different worlds do exist on the same planet. Mrs. Fuller explained that children would often have many duties and would also be left to care for their tiny siblings for the entire day. Many had lost parents and siblings to the cruel diseases of Africa.

Thank you to Mrs. Fuller for volunteering your time and energy to our art classroom this year. We value your message and our students were highly engaged in the stories you shared this day.


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