Monday, February 11, 2013

Watercolor Animals with Kinders!

"Octopus and Baby" By: Madison C.
While exploring a variety of art materials like pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor paints, Kindergarten artists examined simple shapes including squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles in animal photographs and uniquely illustrated picture books like those of Eric Carle.
After discussing and identifying many simple shapes they generated ideas and images for artwork based on their memory, imagination, and personal experience. I am currently exhibiting some of my kinders' watercolor animals. They are attracting quite a crowd! We hope you enjoy our work.
"Skunk" By Logan S.

"Bear" By Josiah D.

"Starfish" By Paige B. 

"Owl" by Zachary B.

"Wolf" By: Gaige S.

"Whale" By: Usha S.

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