Friday, February 8, 2013

KDG Explores Art of Wassilly Kandinsky

In Kindergarten art we love teaching about artist Wassily Kandinsky and his ABSTRACT artwork. Introducing abstract art is fun because little artists love using their imagination to think up what they are seeing in the abstract. It is fun because there is no wrong answer and Kinders have the most amazing imagination! Kandinsky's paintings are a mixture of
line, shapes, & colors.

I point out how Kandinsky uses what they have previously learned about the PRIMARIES (red, blue, and yellow). Then students are encouraged to incorporate fancy overlapping lines (pencil first then trace with glue to dry) and what they know about repeating shapes to create their own "Abstract." Students are also encouraged to blend their primaries to find all the secondary colors during this process. Below are the state of Ohio's Art Content Standards for KDG that was assessed for this project.

Producing/Performing (3PR): The student discovered, selected, and combined art and design elements (LINE, SHAPE, COLOR, SPACE, & VARIETY) to communicate subject matter in various visual forms.

Responding/Reflecting (6RE): The student recognized and pointed out the similarities and differences between artistic styles of realism and abstracts then used that knowledge to create their own ABSTRACT.



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