Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I found this awesome little idea for studying shapes on a blog, then I blended it with another idea on Kandinsky from totally different blog. Kindergarten loved working together on this and they got many compliments on their banners on display in our cafeteria. It has since been moved to the other end of Lake Elementary for a safer viewing area. They can also now be seen from outside the windows by the large gym. Swing by and take a look!!

Kindergarten artists are exploring the Elements of Art, and in this activity, more specifically, SHAPE. Students examined simple shapes including squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles. After pointing out subject matter and details observed in other artworks, students cooperated with peers to create these larger than life sized SHAPES banners. Kindergarten students are beginning to recognize and point out basic elements of art in their own artworks. While participating in this art-making experience, students used their new knowledge of these art elements to create fascinating lines, bright and vivid colors, and repeating shapes.
 Students demonstrated other Principles of Design during this activity:
For our next project, students will be introduced to the Abstract art of
Wassily Kandinsky,
an artist known for his brilliant use of line, color, and interesting shapes.



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