Monday, August 17, 2015


Welcome back to your art studio! Although I am already missing days with my little ones at home I am so thrilled and looking forward to being back in the art room with all of you.

We have exciting programs, experiences and super awesome art projects in store for you. Once we get over the hump of introductions and all the "business of getting back to school" we will begin our year collaborating with your classroom teachers, coordinating super fun activities through Arts in Stark, igniting the arts in your community, and pumping up the power of art in our every day lives!
I look forward to meeting each of the new little faces that will come into my side of the studio this year in KDG, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I will be teaching 6th grade at the middle school and will not get to see little first grade artists this year. I will look for you guys in 2nd grade!!

I am grateful for the time I had off with my sons last year and am looking forward to some crazy fun-filled experiences learning through the arts! READY, SET, ART!!

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  1. Dear Ms. Susa, I'm the weaving editor for Handwoven magazine and have a question about a photo on Pinterest that is linked to your blog. It might make an interesting article for the magazine. Will you please email me?
    Thank you, Sarah H. Jackson