Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Special Message From Mrs. Susa, December 2014

Dear Art Students, Families & Friends:
As you are aware by now I have been on maternity leave since August. I apologize for not updating you sooner, and for not keeping up on the art blog with more information until now. Other than spending all of my time with my amazing little boys I have no real excuse. This time has flown by and I miss all of your little faces and your excitement I see when we engage in art experiences! 
Many of you have seen the pictures of my new baby, Brady I had Mrs. Barnett post for me outside of my classroom. I wanted to share a couple more pictures of him (and Luke!) here today. They are doing really well, Luke has become a wonderful big brother and Brady is already almost five months old!
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Brady is 4 months old for his first Christmas.

Luke showing Brady his  Buzz Lightyear

So that there are no surprises I also wanted to take this time to let all of you know that my family and I have made the decision for me to take the rest of this year and stay home with my boys. Originally, I had planned to come back in January. It is the best decision for us at this time and I am forever grateful to be home with Brady for his first year (and Luke too, of course!) 

I will not be back to the art room to teach until August 2015. I am looking forward to a new year and hoping that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your families too. Please keep up the awesome work for Mrs. Barnett that I know you are doing! She keeps me informed of all the projects and how much you are all learning. Have a spectacular year!!

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