Thursday, February 13, 2014

7th Graders begin Summer Fest Mural at LMS

This six weeks session was excited to learn they fell into the group that would be working on completing the mural for the middle school dance. What a great group to do this too! They are eager, humorous, full of energy and awesome ideas. They are also really great working together! We started the mural on Monday sketching their images onto the glass near the cafe'. The Summer Fest dance will be held in the cafe' and we decided the mural theme should be SUMMER FEST AROUND THE WORLD. After some research for reference images, students completed individual paintings and then had a class critique to decide what images would be used in the mural. Once those were chosen we broke into two groups and everyone seems to be having a great time. They are movin' and shakin' on this!! I was worried after all of our snow days that we would not be able to complete the mural by next week...Photos below are the first stages.

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