Friday, November 15, 2013

5th Grade Studies Contour Line and Other Art Elements in Nature

Nicholas displays his layering techniques with warm colors.
 With the Autumn season going by so quickly I thought I would give students the opportunity to enjoy a closer look at the falling leaves. We brought in many of the most uniquely colored leaves we could find each day and began to focus on them as our new subject matter in Art.
Initially, we studied up on some relevant art terms that are associated with life drawing, such as composition (the way the artist arranges their subject matter in an artwork), scale (enlargement), contour line, (a.k.a. "perimeter" We talked about how a contour line of a shape is exactly like the perimeter of a shape in Math) and cropping (when a shape or object is extended off the edge of the picture plane. We further discussed other important elements of art: color, line, shape (organic and geometric), and value as they would relate to this project.
Jordan's leaves mirror image each other for a unique composition.

Students had the option of drawing a leaf or just using a photograph of a flower as their subject. I had students first focus on the quality of their lines as they drew the contours of their subject. Student objectives were to utilize the art tools of enlargement and cropping, tracing all vein details in sharpie pen, then finish with layering in color pencil. Layering in the color has been the most challenging for students because it takes more time, but I assure them it is worth it to see how realistic they can actually make something appear in the end.
Logan proudly displays his leaf trio.
Our second phase of the project will be to utilize bold, black lines patterns for the backgrounds to enhance and contrast with the colors of the leaves. Once they choose the background patterns, it will be a matter of putting the final touches on them with the addition of one final step I have not yet shared with them ...creating a 3D element to make their art POP!
I am looking forward to seeing these works on display in the coming weeks.

Karis works diligently on shadows for each specific line created for veins.

Art Content Standards for the Lesson/Project:
Producing and Performing (1PR) Students successfully integrated observational and technical skills to strengthen artmaking.
Producing and Performing (4PR) Students successfully selected and used the art elements and design principles to visually communicate understanding of an interdisciplinary concept. (Art and Science)

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