Monday, November 18, 2013

4th GRADE is "RICHER" Learning Through our Mission, Vision, Values

               Fourth grade artists are brainstorming during art class to aide them in the development of our “RICHER” comic book heroes. Each student is working towards a deeper understanding of Lake Local School’s district values during Art, Guidance and Language Arts classes. Lake Local’s Mission, Vision, Values are remembered more easily for students through the use of the acronym “RICHER”. Our values are Respect, Integrity, Citizenship, Honesty, Everyone as a Unique Individual and Responsibility. Through this study, all fourth grade artists will be encouraged and supported in the creation of a new super hero that represents one of these distinct values.

               Many of our younger students do not yet understand what each of our district values actually mean, so we started with identifying and defining each of them during art class. We would like our students to be more aware of the core values for the district, but also use what they are learning in art and Guidance to support the Language Arts Common Core standards and objectives.
               We have taken this unique opportunity with Arts In Stark and district’s funding to create a more vested interest and understanding of the district’s values for our students. I am absolutely thrilled to be working in collaboration with Arts In Stark, a non-profit organizational campaign, who supports the arts in our area schools. 
               Beginning with a unique graphic organizer, students were divided into groups to further examine each of the values. We had students enlarge a modified copy of the smaller group work to a poster size which they will take back to their classrooms for display. In collaboration with classroom teachers, students will begin work on the creation of a “character map” that will identify their character’s traits such as what they think, stand for, look like and feel. By first creating and utilizing a character map that focuses on the traits, characteristics, and goals, students will begin the first stages in creation of a visually expressive super hero based on the district’s values in art class.

Student Character Map

               Through our brainstorming sessions, students have identified and named sources for art making ideas (e.g. self, environment, and other people) that yielded many guidelines, ideas, and conceptual decisions for their upcoming “RICHER HERO” project. The students also generated ideas for discussing and assessing works of art with peers and teachers during art class.

               We are so fortunate to be in this partnership with AIS because generally due to a lack of funding, most schools do not have the kind of support and eagerness to feature special shows and projects exclusively through the Arts for their students. Over the past few years we have been able to bring in a wide range of enthusiastic, and uniquely talented, artistically and musically inclined guests. As the year unfolds, we are looking forward to sharing these unique experiences with the community along the way. Again, we are grateful to be working with AIS and plan for this year to be incredibly memorable for our students and our community.

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