Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whewwy, A Fast and Furious Couple Weeks!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting back to updating our art blog!! We have been on the move since day one in the art room starting new projects, learning new art standards, and beginning to create our fun-filled year!
I'm excited to have already had an awesome exhibit (read more below) on location here at Lake Elementary. Students and teachers were inspired and we look forward to focusing this year on many of the unique cultures in the world around us.


We have installed a few new bulletin boards I wanted to share! At the end of last year, I had students create their own designs on their hands~ these are the hands when they all came together... reaching for one goal!

The traveling exhibit helped to create a culture of fun and fellowship through creativy, in other words, it was a huge hit!

Lake Elementary Hosts Traveling Art Exhibit:
          Little artists at Lake and Hartville Elementary observed and explored a new traveling exhibit, Art Beyond Borders. The exhibit, hosted and sponsored by the collaboration of Lake Local Schools and, non-profit community organization, Arts In Stark, was admired and analyzed by students for two weeks. The display featured twenty-four artists from twenty-four different countries who were pulled together in this collection to help promote art as our universal language. As teachers, our hope is that students will begin to discover how we all have something in common: the desire to express ourselves with art. Our year-long art partnership with Arts in Stark will help raise student awareness of the imperative roll the arts play in all aspects of education and our daily lives.

As we begin to investigate and understand how art defies the hands of time, and the barriers of language and economics (®), we look forward to many more delightful art engagements for our students throughout the year. Uniquely tailored to inspire and communicate acceptance, our upcoming, featured events will cultivate an atmosphere of peace and understanding among students and our community as a whole.


  1. I've really enjoyed browsing through your blog and will be following you now with pleasure!

  2. THANKS so much for the awesome comments! We appreciate it! =)