Friday, August 24, 2012


Art Beyond Borders Traveling Exhibit at LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL...
Students Will Be Wowed by International,
Multi-cultural Art Exhibit!
August 27- September 7, 2012
I am thrilled to announce Lake Elementary will be displaying the Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Exhibit,
ART Beyond Borders. This exhibit is a partnership between Lake Elementary School Art Department, and Teacher’s Discovery. The exhibit is sponsored by Arts In Stark, Canton and Lake Local Schools. This exhibit is part of a collection of art from an artist in every country in the world and is to serve as a catalyst for peace and cultural understanding through the universal language of art. To date, 63 countries are participating. This exhibit will feature 24 of those works of art in a vibrant, educational, eye-opening collection.
The Lake Elementary Art Department and classroom teachers are beginning an exciting, action packed, multifaceted, full year collaborative partnership with community organization, Arts in Stark. The goal of unifying these two organizations serves many purposes, including promotion of learning, and connecting knowledge from many subject areas using ART as a catalyst! Our goal is to raise student awareness of the imperative role that art plays in all aspects of education, and our daily lives. Students will combine learning in math, science, social studies, music, reading, technology and visual art to explore diversity, promote acceptance of others, cultivate kindness, and affect the future with a positive impact! (Thank you to Miss. Stegner for feature write up!)
To learn more about TIMOTCA, visit, and to find out how you can host an exhibit, visit

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