Monday, January 27, 2014

Blizzard Bags in ART

UPDATE: BLIZZARD BAG ART ASSIGNMENTS WILL ONLY BE REQUIRED FOR 7th GRADE ART. Please find assignments on the blizzard bag label to the right...

Hello Students!! Hope you're staying warm and having fun.Wanted to pass on this special note regarding BLIZZARD BAGS for LAKE LOCAL SCHOOLS. A Blizzard bag plan for my ART CLASSES will be posted and/or shared with students upon return to school....later this week or next. Stay tuned...

In a special morning session, the Lake Board of Education has passed a resolution authorizing the development and implementation of an online learning plan allowing students of the district to complete classroom lesson assignments up to the equivalent of three school days.    The “Blizzard Bag” plan, as it is commonly referred to, is a provision the Ohio Legislative passed into law as Ohio Revised Code section 3313.88, specifying that schools may utilize this educational format for up to three calamity days beyond the standard five calamity days.  The Board of Education met this morning, January 27, 2014.
The calamity day alternative make-up plan will go into effect upon Superintendent Jeff Wendorf’s declaration that Lake Local Schools will utilize the plan for the excess calamity days.  Lake Local Schools are closed today, Monday January 27 and will be closed Tuesday January 28, 2014.  
The blizzard bag requires each classroom teacher to develop lessons requiring equal or more instructional time that the student would receive for three school days in his or her teacher’s class.  Lessons and assignments will be posted on teacher blogs, e-sites, or emailed to students consistent with the process teachers normally communicate assignments to students.
Students will be granted a two-week period from the date of the posting to complete the lesson.  Students without access to a computer shall be permitted to complete the posted lessons at school after the reopening of school.  Students will be provided paper copies of all material related to the assignments.
According to the Ohio Department of Education, blizzard bags may be used when necessary to close school due to: disease epidemic, hazardous weather conditions, law enforcement emergencies, inoperability of schools busses or other equipment, damage to a school building or other temporary circumstances due to utility failure rendering the school building unfit for school use.
Information will be posted on the district’s website and Facebook page should the blizzard bag policy be initiated.  Parents will also be notified via the district’s telephone communication system.
The Lake Local Schools are committed to be the best organization for learning, providing education for success.

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