Thursday, October 10, 2013


             OP ART PROJECTS:
          Fourth grades artists were amazed by the style of art called OPTICAL Illusions. Inspired by artist, Briget Riley, famous for her bold, black and white contrasting optical illusions, students tried their steadiness at control of the Sharpie art medium and advanced their drawing skills through the use of repetition. Op artists utilize repetition of shapes and lines to create the illusion of rhythm and movement across the canvas. 

Perceiving & Knowing (2PE): The student identified and visually described different visual effects resulting from art making techniques by illustrating VALUE, SPACE, CONTRAST, LINE, and VARIETY.
Producing & Performing (1PR): The student identified, selected, and varied art materials, tools, and processes to achieve the desired result of illusion, rhythm, movement, or form in their artworks.
      Producing & Performing (3PR): The student generated ideas and employed a variety of strategies to solve the visual problem of illustrating optical illusions.

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