Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photos of Our Volunteer Speakers from Mexico (Fall 2012)

Here are some of the pics from our Fall 2012 Cultural presentations. I wanted to share these because our students had collected a wealth of information and had a great time hearing stories and learning about the culture of Mexico from these two presentations.
Uncle Sal came to speak to our 5th graders about where he was born and raised. He is from Monterey, Mexico. He shared many colorful and traditional items from Mexico and explained their true sifnificance to students. He also shared Mexican currency and students were eager to see how different their money is from American money. Thank you to Uncle Sal for spending your time and memories with us.

Mrs.Frankie Graber speaks to students about her foreign exchange student experience. She also shared many of the traditional items one would find in Mexico, from pottery, to jewelry, musical instruments and photographs from her time spent in Mexico.

Special Thank you to Uncle Sal and Mrs. Frankie for spending your time, your memories and your knowledge of the Culture of Mexico with our art students!!

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