Monday, November 26, 2012

Painted Elephants of India 4th Grade Art

Students in 4th grade art studied native animals of India that are in danger of becoming EXTINCT (tigers, leopards, rhinos) and elephants... Students also explored the artistic creativity of decorating elephants like they do in India and other parts of the world. Artists learned to draw the correct PROPORTIONS of the elephant then created wrinkles and textures using a VARIETY of lines made with pencil, charcoal and water to make life-like tones and shadows.Students were encouraged to utilize their imagination to decorate, and embellish their elephants with jewels.
Below are the standards for art content in Ohio assessed during this project as well as photos of some of the finished works. They are stunning!!
The student identified and selected various art materials, tools, and collage/painting processes to achieve desired results in their artwork.
Perceiving/ Knowing (6PE)
The student identified and communicated sources of ideas by using textures, organic shapes, and flowing lines found in nature to create wrinkles, designs, and patterns on their elephant.


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  1. Any chance you have step-by-step instructions for this lesson? I am an Art Specialist and have another Elephant 'Unit' but like your option! Thanks for sharing!