Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1st Grade CAVE ART

1st grade artists enthusiastically practiced what they learned about the cave painters from thousands of years ago. After exploring the cave paintings of Lascaux, France through a virtual tour, students visualized that they had gone back in time! We turned out the lights, listened to sounds from inside the caves and used our fingers to paint. Students crumbled the brown butcher paper to make it have texture like a cave walls and then focused on painting animals they found. The earliest form of art, which has survived, is often referred to as “Cave Art.” It has been discovered all over the world from China to Australia. This type of art typically depicts animals, humans, weapons, and symbols and is seen only to have colors found in the natural environment.
This is the cave as it hangs in the stairwell entrance...looks pretty good with dimmed light above...gave it more ambience...

I think it helps to display pics of the students working during class with the actual work, brings the audience in even more! 

We used charcoal pastels and paint in a natural color palette to create these on brown butcher paper.




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