Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Greetings from the ART Room!
(Special Thanks to Miss Stegner for this informational announcement/ and write up)
The Lake Elementary Art Department and classroom teachers are beginning an exciting, action packed, multifaceted, full year collaborative partnership with community organization, Arts in Stark. (AIS) The goal of unifying these two organizations serves many purposes, including promotion of learning, and connecting knowledge from many subject areas using ART as a catalyst! Our goal is to raise student awareness of the imperative role that art plays in all aspects of education, and our daily lives. The theme for this partnership, beginning next school year (2012-2013) is ...
Art Beyond Borders Students will use the arts to explore opportunities, ideas, and objectives for making our world a better place. Students will combine learning in math, science, social studies, music, reading, technology and visual art to explore diversity, promote acceptance of others, cultivate kindness, and affect the future with a positive impact!
As we embark on this project, to begin in the 2012-2013 school year, we are eagerly searching for community members (grandparents, parents, aunts/uncles, or friends) with strong cultural ties and a thorough knowledge of their personal heritage, of whom would be willing to share stories, artifacts, or cultural experiences with our students. We are looking for volunteers that could enrich our students’ content knowledge, ignite a passion for discovery/exploration, and promote a personal appreciation of the many beautiful cultures and wonderful people that make up our world.
If you are aware of any volunteers willing to participate (A half-hour of sharing a cultural story, song, or experience from their life) please fill out the attached sheet below and return to Miss Stegner or Mrs. Susa (Visual Art Teachers) by the end of this school year, and we will begin contacting the needed participants in the fall when we return from summer break. A huge thank you in advance from us and our students for sharing your culture with us!
Miss Stegner  and  Mrs. Susa
Visual Art Teachers
Lake Elementary School

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