Thursday, May 10, 2012

5th Grade Students Inspired by Music Instruments in Art

Week 1- 5th Graders are always enthusiastic when we get to the "Instrument Project."
Each year we have the students transport their music or band instrument to art class so they can not only demonstrate what they have learned through the year, but also to use their instrument as their muse in the following weeks! They have this visually exciting piece of equipment and have become more than familiar with it through daily practice and weekly classes with Mr. Kibler and others...When Mr. Kibler gets a minute he usually comes to see the students as they work with their instrument in Art class...

 Each student offers a little taste of notes and scales that they have learned...some students even step up to play a little extra that they might have learned on their own through private lessons...

Next week I will post students at work as they begin to visually create their instruments in 3d form on a 2 D surface...Keep ya posted!

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