Thursday, April 5, 2012

2nd Grade Artists Study Bird Symbolism

Second graders have been exploring the paintings of artist, James John Audubon (Click here to read about the artist) and learning about animal symbolism, specifically, birds. Students are completing their own painted, collage style birds that symbolize Freedom & Creativity. Before we learned about Audubon, I demonstrated how to do a contour line drawing of different styles of bird cages I have here in my art room...the idea is to draw VERY slow (extremely difficult for little ones but the illustrations are so full of character when they're done!)
Here are a few examples of students displaying their unique birds. I will post more of their finished works in a couple weeks. I found this lesson on one of my favorite art teacher blogs too, but I am so sorry, I didn't save the link.. We created the birds in paper instead of oil pastels like the original lesson~ would be fun either way. My students have not had enough opportunities to work with just painted papers, but we do a good bit of oil pastels because they are one of my favorite mediums...
Abi S. Wade C. Elizabeth M. Brandon T.

Kaitlyn R. Autumn H Kaydence B.

Meghan H. Hayden C

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