Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smartest Artists TRIVIA WINNERS!

We have a game of trivia going on here at Lake Elementary! Students in 4th & 5th listen to the art trivia question at the beginning of the week over the announcements and then seek out answers, record their names and answers on paper and drop them in my SMARTEST ARTISTS TRIVIA BOX outside my door. The students have LOVED finding these answers because when they have the right answer and their names are drawn they win an art charm for their spirit necklaces. I have enjoyed seeing such great participation by students and have loved handing out charms to all of the winners! 
I plan to start posting the trivia questions and winners on the blog each week so watch for more!  
The ART TRIVIA for this week:
What other famous painter was married to famous Mexican mural artist, Diego Rivera? We have a WINNER!
We have a 5th Grade WINNER!!! Mikayla B. won with her correct answer: Frida Kahlo
Mikayla B.

Which of Pablo Picasso's paintings sold for a then-record of $104 Million in 2004??? You need to find the title of the painting that sold to win the charm!
We have a 4th Grade WINNER!!! Jakob P. won with his correct answer: Garcon' ala Pipe
Jakob P.

Last week our winners were Nolan M (5th) Jasmine S. (4th)
Jasmine S.
Nolan M.

Previous winners of Smartest Artists Trivia:
Eli C.

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